Adding content to your blog or website on a regular basis is essential when you’re building page rank and attracting a following. Fresh material tells readers they’ve found a source for relevant, timely information. As important as it is, though, coming up with a steady stream of new ideas can be a challenge. Keep a supply of lists, reviews and commentary in the works to fill the gaps between your more in-depth articles.

Lists - There is a reason that articles with titles like “Five Easy Ways to Save More Money” and “Top 10 Websites for Brand-Name Discounts” are so popular. Readers know such posts will give them ideas they can use right now to solve a problem or improve their lives. I keep lists of useful books, websites and techniques, adding to them in the normal course of my workday. My lists include notes on what I liked about each resource. When I need material for a “Top 10” list, it’s at the ready.

Reviews - Reviewing products and services as web content provides benefits to you as well as your readers. Visitors to your blog or website gain insight on resources they might not otherwise have discovered. You can benefit from this as well when your reviews are written to promote a product of which you are an affiliate. (For those of you who haven’t discovered affiliate programs, these are agreements between you and the producer of a product or service, which entitles you to a commission if a sale is made through your website.) One essential caveat must be observed, though. Never, ever promote a product or service that you have not purchased and used yourself. You will lose credibility – and traffic – by endorsing an inferior product. The loyalty of your readers depends significantly on your integrity, and in the long run, that’s worth far more than any amount you could make in commissions.

Commentary - We all have opinions. Because you’ve established yourself as an authority in your subject, you opinion counts. Readers want to know what you think about issues relating to your topic. Commentary pieces can address any event or idea and can support or denounce it. Just remember that your reputation is on the line any time you express an opinion. Never attack or condemn. Provide support for your position and express it with respect to the other party. Let readers know where they can go for further information or what they can do to act on the issue you are presenting.

Remember, regular additions to your website or blog content will make the search engines happy and keep readers coming back for more. Use lists, reviews and commentary as another tool to give them content with substance.