Angela Booth's 100 Day Writing Challenge aims to move writers to higher levels of productivity and profitability. By the end of the 100 days, Challenge participants are expected to increase their earnings by at least $200 per day. The program, conducted by email and requiring about an hour a day, is offered as a free service by one of the most prominent writing coaches of our day.

I jumped at the opportunity -- for good reason. Angela knows what it takes to be a successful writer. 

Notice that I didn't say "a good writer." Anyone who writes for a living and takes pride in their work will develop the skills of their craft, simply by virtue of practice. Writing is the easy part.

I was a "good" writer for more than 25 years. I eked out a living as a freelance writer and a newspaper reporter. I did a little better for myself in corporate communications and newsletter publishing. And things took a positive turn when I discovered web writing and website development. But all told, I was still trading time for money, and continued to accept low pay rates as the norm for writers.

Then I enrolled in another of Angela's courses, Sell Your Writing Online Now. Each week for a full year, I received lessons that opened my eyes to the lucrative opportunities available for writers today. While other industries are struggling to survive in the worst economy since the Great Depression, writers are thriving. SYWON showed me how to be a confident writer and a savvy business owner. Instead of just scraping by, I gained the knowledge to meet my needs. I became a successful writer. 

Now, it's time to take it to the next level. During the 100 Day Writing Challenge, my focus will be on leveraging the knowledge and steady stream of ideas that SYWON initiated. During the Challenge, I intend to:
  • Launch a number of projects that are still in their infancy
  • Improve my productivity level
  • Increase my time management skills
  • Find a comfortable balance between ensuring a steady stream of income and investing time into new projects
What can you do with an extra $200 per day? Pay off debt. Build a nest egg. Fund your child's college education. Invest in your business to generate even more income. Through Angela's coaching, I now know the possibilities are limited only by my beliefs and determination.

Let the challenge begin!